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Frequently Asked Questions

Venus Turkey provides you medical care within a wide range of medical fields. We cooperate with specialists and the best doctor around the world.

Patients are traveling because of the high quality of healthcare, affordability, professionalism, and a better access to the latest technology.
In terms of charge, you will be informed about the general and minimum price level that will be expected from hospital. If your doctor requires additional tests regarding your treatment during your stay, the price will change accordingly.
Venus  Turkey  team will contact with you and according to your wishes we will make the appointment on your behalf.
Venus  Turkey’s services to the patients are free of charge.
We work with several hotels near the hospitals, we will give you a list of the hotels that you are able to book hotel by yourself or if you prefer we can do it on your behalf.
Yes. We are here to help you in every step, after you send us your passport details. We can obtain your medical visa once that is done we will send your invitation letter.
You need to share your medical documents with us so that we can contact the concerned doctors and get a medical second opinion with the details of your treatment rocess with including the approximate price.